Car-commerce, payment and delivery in our weekly recap (CW14)

wordcloudIt’s been a busy week with a lot of topics going on. The chat-bot discussion/hype is all over the news. It seems that the quite new topic “conversational commerce” (see here) directly develops into automating the conversation. As tempting as it may seem – maybe the companies playing around with it should first try to get the conversation with a real person right. From personal experience that is already hard enough… You can find a nice example of how “nice” it works even with real person chat here (in German, the screenshots show the process anyway). So beware a little bit of automation before everybody drops the nice idea…

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Car-commerce is finally here, thanks to Tesla

Model_3___Tesla_MotorsAt the end of last week we have seen a phantastic phenoenon: the rise of car-commerce. Elon Musk’s Tesla created a huge media awareness and perfect upfront marketing for over a year to promote the introduction of the Tesla Model 3. Finally on last Friday the new car was presented in Los Angeles.

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Weekly recap – what you may have missed in commerce (CW13)

wordcloud_recap_cw13Here we go: this is what happened over the last week. In case you didn’t find time to follow the news, just stop by here and you’ll get the link collection of what was going on in the ecommerce world.

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Roman’s Rants: Rocket Shmocket

rocketIt’s about time to get the ranting juices flowing again. Why? Because recently, all my social-timeline-thingies are full of references to Rocket Internet, Zalando and all the other heroes of the Samwer universe. For many, the business history of the three brothers from Cologne seems to be the recipe for commerce fame & fortune. Well, let them. But if the pundits of the interwebs join mainstream media to perpetuate the same myths over and over again it’s fucking too much!

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ShopTechTalks #4: Magento – Past, Present & Future (en)

Roman published a podcast about the future of Magento and compared it to osCommerce, OXID eShop and Shopware with his guest Tim Bezhashvyly.


logo-shoptechtalksIn this episode, Tim Bezhashvyly (21sportsgroup) and Roman Zenner talk about the beginnings of Magento, how it developed (especially since it has been acquired by eBay) and what its future could look like. They also discuss Tim’s controversial presentation The Harsh Truth of Magento Enterprise at this year’s Meet Magento event in Leipzig, Germany, have a closer look at the development of Magento 2 and find out how other shop systems such as osCommerce, OXID eShop and Shopware compare to Magento.

This podcast can also be subscribed to via iTunes, more streams and formats are available on Podigee.

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